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What follows is part of another USENET post, one that I saved for a special occasion. That occasion is now, because I’ve just posted something critical of right-wing extremists. Here, I’m posting something critical of left-wing extremists. It’s a very moderate position that simply explains how “use of force” is supposed to work. I’ll give you the Message-ID, then a short quote, then the text of the USENET post itself:

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Mixed Nuts wrote:

That’s what the people who go there are saying. Even the Mayor and the police officers who stop by to reminisce ’bout their days at the police house sippin’ coffee and protectin’. They’ve been a bit harsh with the white supremacists and anti-gay preachers, however. It’s kinda humorous, in a way, when a preacher puts the jesus on the [ redacted, people assaulting street preachers … ]

You know, that actually sounds reminiscent of the culture in Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Raw libertarianism.

Alas, the answer to speech is not physical assault — it’s more speech. So I can’t agree with assault, no matter how justified it may seem.

Now if the guys or gals or whomever started kissing each other, that would be just as an effective wolf’s bane for crazy extremist preachers.

Here is why: Our society is built upon English common law, where a rule of law is supreme. It takes the temperament of a judge to ultimately apply a punishment in response to breaches of the law — and we don’t even trust him for everything, we have juries.

So as a good, honest patriot, it is my firm assertion that neither police, nor mobs, are to mete out punishment.

And that’s one of the biggest issues with these current police brutality situations: the police don’t like the protestors, so they want to “make them pay” with popping tear gas canisters and rubber bullets into people’s faces, shit like that.

Or kneeling on someone’s neck for 9 minutes — cuz, hey, let’s make him pay.

Anyone who says “he deserved it” is no American — instead, they are just one step away from being fascist mobsters. Because when they start thinking it’s the police’s job to judge people and mete out punishment, that is as unpatriotic and unamerican as one can get.

Hell, if someone can tell me the difference between what happened to Floyd and summary execution, please speak up…without a racist diatribe or a discussion of people’s adjudicated histories.

When I was in the USCG, I started out at a small boat station. We did boardings, and to be on a boarding team, I went to USCG general law enforcement school in Seattle. And what they taught there, as I already knew from being at the station, was the USCG use-of-force policy:


I think that is a very worthy goal for an LEO because they are not there to punish. They are not qualified to be a judge and executioner. I can’t stress that enough.

Now, there is also self-defense, and use of deadly force in that situation. That is a completely separate issue, and if the LEO can’t keep those two ideas of “punishment vs. self-defense or defense of others” separated in their head, they need /at the very least/ more training.

(I could also rattle on with talk about shoot/no-shoot tests, but that’s best left to another post.)


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