2020 June

Use of Force

What follows is part of another USENET post, one that I saved for a special occasion. That occasion is now, because I’ve just posted something critical of right-wing extremists. Here, I’m posting something critical of left-wing extremists. It’s a very moderate position that simply explains how “use of force” is supposed to work. I’ll give you the Message-ID, […]

Debunking a Unabomber-lite

So I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a monkey on my back: I argue with extremists on the USENET, a global messaging system that has been in existence since the 80’s. Mostly right-wing extremists (see below), but I’ve also argued for moderation with some extremist liberals, too. If you watched the John Cleese […]


In my previous post, I mentioned “the boogaloo bois”. There’s some nuance here. In the context of who is responsible for violence in the protests, you’ll find that the term “boogaloo” is more of a movement than an organization — similar to how “antifa”, the anti-fascists, are a movement, and not an organization. A Washington Post article attempts […]

Parataxic Distortion

Hello. Sorry to start with a technical term, but it really is a point of order for the discussion. “Parataxic Distortion” is a high-falutin’ term for when we pigeonhole people due to a small amount of information we know about them. It is one of many “cognitive distortions” that can pollute clear thinking. For example, someone might express […]

Who We Are

We are concerned about extremism. The focus of this blog is shifting from not so much identifying extremism, as determining what strategies (if any) work for de-radicalization. It is not an enviable task; however, it is necessary.